Share, Collaborate and Discover
You have a lot to add to the on-going dialogue in our community
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AfroCentric, AfroFocused Social Networking
We created this platform to give our people a social networking site with an afrocentric vibe.
Transformer Theme
Our goal is to give our people a place of their own that is controlled BY our people FOR our people--with a focus ON our people.
Start a Group, Plan and Execute!
Blaqspot offers a ton of online tools to help you reach the people you want to network and build with.
Our door is open to all members of the African diaspora
Feel Free To Be You
We're here to unite and and celebrate Blackness in all it's forms. Feel free to be you without worry.
Share Media
Sharing photos and videos with colleagues is easy. Post case studies and garner insight from professionals.
Collaborate Easily
Forums and groups are private. Create a space exclusively for your team to connect.